I Snood Bear was founded in the spring of 2007 in Austin, TX.

Originally conceived under the name A Bride Soon, the two-person troupe premiered in the Austin Cagematch, a competitive improvisation tournament (where they went all the way to the finals) at the ColdTowne Theater. After the end of the Cagematch tourney--and actually getting engaged--the troupe changed their name to I Snood Bear and became regular scheduled players in the Austin improv scene.

The troupe specializes in atypical storytelling techniques. Their first performances all used a format where the audience draws the numbers 1 through 8 out of a hat and the troupe does a linear narrative out of order.

The troupe operates on the principle that story is king. As a result, a lot of their shows are equally as dramatic as they are comedic. I Snood Bear seeks to bring realism and truth to the stage and aims to put on shows that resonate on an emotional level.

On May 3rd, 2008, Wesley and Christina were married (though this time they eleceted to change her name and leave the troupe name alone).

For photos of I Snood Bear, click here.